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Gin & Tantra Podcast

Spirituality with a twist! This podcast is dedicated to the real-world applications and exploration of various Spiritual and philosophical texts, ideas and practices. We aim to illuminate the potential for self-development and awareness in today’s society. Eastern ideas, Western application, always real!

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Reiki and The Mainstream

With various forms of healing available it is interesting to
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Your Powerful Thoughts

The influence of our thoughts goes beyond measure.  Rarely do
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20 Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

As an increasingly busy people our time has more and
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The Military Implements Acupuncture to Reduce Pain Meds
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My fate lies with me, not with heaven.®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=3&pgtype=collection In a continual search for relevant information to share
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Forever Yang. A Discussion on Sexual Performance.

Swanky saxophone music melodically trots along in the background as
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