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“In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions. When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence? Where we have stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul.”

- Angeles Arrien

We offer Shamanic treatments for those who feel called to receive. This includes a thorough intake and overview of what you have been dealing with that may feel as if it were beyond the reach of other forms of healing you may have tried.  Through various Shamanic techniques we can provide insight and guidance on a nearly infinite array of personal, energetic and spiritual conditions. Please contact us for more information or to book a consultation.

What is Soul Loss?

Soul loss occurs when a traumatic event (be it physical or emotional) causes the energy to fragment, whereby parts of the soul flee for safety and end up trapped in the locale of the trauma or lost, and adrift in the world.  Often a person feels as if ‘they are still there’.

The treatment for this addresses issues that may have deep roots or have been long standing. These sessions involve not only a thorough intake but are followed by various Shamanic techniques to help provide insight and information to illuminate a path towards healing and recovery.

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