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Yoga and Meditation

what's the difference?

Yoga can be translated as Unification. Unification of body, mind and more… Therefore, one goal of Yoga practice is NOT to target the body, but to target one’s concentration, focus and attention in order to turn it all inward. Thus, creating a serenely stable inner-atmosphere conducive for awareness and personal development.

Meditation follows much of the same description. Building one’s attention and analytical ability anyone can achieve deep states of concentration, understanding, bliss and more…  Meditation can be thought of as Yoga for one’s mind (heart).

Yoga and Meditation are two sides of the same coin and can be very different depending on the person.  Therefore, we work with people in both group and individual setting to best foster the growth of the person and where they are currently at.

interested in yoga or meditation?

The ancient texts say that we practice to calm the fluctuations of the mind and heart… We here say we practice to find a centered sense of calm purposefulness to improve not only the way in which we practice but the way in which we live and interact with the world. Start your journey today, in-person or online.

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